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Free energy

Free energy is a series of works that were created in period 2017/2018, and it is based on a free artistic approach. This series is a combination of two passions: a love for calligraphy, a skilfully composed dance on the paper, and a passion for colors. It is a beautiful bond between ink and watercolors! As its name implies, this series is free, open minded, impulsive, free from any restraints. I particularly enjoy the creation of this series, as I come up with so many new ideas during that process. Each new painting encourages me to learn more and to try out new forms and techniques. And the result is lots of works in various techniques on paper, canvas, wall…
For the observer, this series is particularly interesting because it encourages analysis and interpretation. Also, it can be experienced differently at different times of the day.

Belgrade, 2020

Niš, 2020

Numbers & Azbuka lettering - No Limit Hub

In the interior of the No limit hub in Niš, I painted two murals that represent the stylization of numbers and letters. Numbers 1-9, ie the letters of the alphabet A-Š, are one-line paintings.
Piros, Brojevi
Piros, Azbuka

Photo: Stefan Krstić

Čačak, 2019

Abzuka - Duk festival

Piros, Alfabet, Duk festival
Cvijeta Zuzorić Art Pavilion, Belgrade, 2019

Azbuka - Great Heart Art congress

All proceeds from the sale went to charity. ❤️
Piros, Great HEART ART

4 ALPAHBETS - Mixture of ink and watercolor!

AZUBKA , ALPHABET, GREEK ALPHABET, RUSSIAN AZUBKA - on 300g (100%) cotton paper in a frame: 55.2 x 46.7 cm.
Grčki alfabet
Ruska azbuka